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Writing Background

Retirement in 2014 from my long-time profession as a psychologist/psychotherapist meant simply moving on to another interesting line of work. I began to write fiction full-time.


Writing was not unfamiliar to me. I’d always had a penchant for writing snappy essays and papers in school and managed a campus newspaper at university. I also experimented with writing poetry off and on since I was a young adult.  


Later on, I wrote lyrics for original songs, and this, of course, is poetry in musical form. I might add that I wrote non-fiction, with over twenty newspaper articles published on varied psychological and relationship topics.


From 2014 -16, I produced my first novel, a Gothic psychological thriller/horror called The Symbol. I think The Symbol is quite original (difficult to achieve with the vast library of similar genre books available). I assume my publisher thought so too, for Double Dragon Publishing promptly accepted the novel. It has since been released (January, 2018) as an eBook and  as a paperback on February 20/2018. It is currently available on major online book sites, Amazon and Barnes & Noble. Needless to say, I am very elated about this development!


I have also produced six short stories, which I think are quite original too. Five of these are in the horror genre: The Seventh Year, Sofi’s Dream, Ask And You Shall Receive, The Strange Journey Of Eugene Whitloch, and GR Enterprises. I have one sci-fi space story, Eden II. My intention is to eventually produce an anthology of these stories for publication. I think they make good reading, so stand by!

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