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February 18/2020

Hello friends! I have submitted to my editor, a manuscript for my second novel. The story involves a series of dark, mysterious murders in and around modern New Orleans. The police are baffled and call upon a leading New Orleans Private Investigator and his new, female assistant for aid. During the ensuing, desperate investigation, the PIs discover a shocking secret deep in Louisiana's past. The two also unexpectedly find themselves re-examining their personal lives and their relationship. Stay tuned for the book!

April 3 / 2018

A new Micro Horror was released today which was titled Afraid Of The Dark and a new musical track called South Sea Lullaby was also posted today!

March 12 / 2018

A news release about my book , The Symbol, was recently put out by the Saultonline Newspaper (Sault Native Publishes Gothic horror Novel  ...) See peter fratesi

Peter is pleased to announce the release of the paperback version of The Symbol. This can be accessed on Amazon and Barnes and Noble.

Stay tuned for other interesting posts.

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